Terms & Conditions

"Auction announcement"

"Sale of Light, Heavy Vehicles & Equipments"

"بيع المركبات والمعدات الخفيفة والثقيلة"


Auction Terms & Conditions


MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C, “SELLER” has the intention of selling Surplus Assets of its Light, Heavy Vehicles & Equipment’s on " As Is, Where Is, and with All Faults & Defects " basis through an online auction, as per the bid conditions described hereunder in this Bid Document which constitutes of the Bid Terms and Conditions.

The bid conditions have three main sections:

  • Glossary: This gives special meanings to some words used in the rest of the bid conditions
  • The Bid Process: The bid conditions regulate the Bid Process. If you participate in a bid – by submitting a bid, you do so, on the basis that you have read and understood all these bid conditions and accepted them all.
  • Conditions of sale: If you make a successful Bid(s) for a LOT(S) and being awarded the same, you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale that apply as per the bid conditions and be personally liable to buy it even if YOU are acting as an agent. Nonetheless, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain an indemnity from the person for whom YOU are the agent. To add, where the BUYER is a company YOU warrant that the BUYER is properly constituted and able to buy the same.

Important Notice

prudent buyer will, before bidding for a lot at an auction:

Ø take professional advice from a technical specialist and/or a solicitor and, in appropriate cases, a chartered surveyor;

Ø read and understand the Bid Conditions;

Ø check thoroughly and inspect the lot(s);

Ø carry out usual searches and make usual enquiries about its value; and

Ø Have finance available for the deposit and purchase price.

The Bid Conditions assume that the Bidder has acted like a prudent buyer. If you choose to bid without taking these normal precautions, you do so at your own risk.

Value Added Tax (VAT):

In line with the requirements of the Federal Decree Law No. 08 of 2017 and its Executive Regulations, which are regulating the Value Added Tax (VAT) and its application in the United Arab Emirates, and in order for Massar Solutions PJSC to comply with such requirements, please note and consider the below:

a) As you are already aware of, VAT is a consumption tax that the end user is obligated to pay, and Our Company will accordingly be acting as a collection Agent on behalf of the United Arab Emirates Government.

b) Accordingly, from 1st January 2018, all used vehicles purchase shall have VAT included in the unit bid price in compliance with the provisions of the law and its Executive Regulations.

Furthermore, all Our Company’s customers who are entitled to recover their input VAT, must officially submit their VAT registration details including Tax Registration Number (TRN) with supporting evidence to Our Company, in order to be provided with a full VAT Invoice.

This communication is considered as a legal notification from Our Company to Our Company’s customers and represents a change to our Terms & Conditions existing in our previously signed agreement(s). Your continued dealing with Our Company will be taken as your acceptance of the above-mentioned addendum and changes as set out in this notification, to our existing agreements and dealings with you. Except as varied herein in this notification, our existing agreements and business relationship shall continue in full force and effect in all respects.


Business day

A day which is not (a) a public holiday or (b) a Friday or


The person who is above the age of 18 years and qualified

Bidder / YOU

under UAE law in participating in this Bid Process and

agrees to buy a/some/portion of LOT(S)

A motor vehicle (which shall include without limitation to


cars, busses, trucks, mini-vans, pickups, forklifts, commercial

vehicles) that i s offered for sale at auction

Successful Bid:

Is the highest bid submitted for a LOT


A Bidder who have submitted a successful bid(s)


Letter of Award:

The Letter of Award expresses the SELLER agreement to sell

to a successful BIDDER his awarded LOT(S).

The Award date is the date on which the SELLER informs a

Award date:

successful BIDDER by telephone, mail, fax or electronic mail

about his Letter of Award.


The price that the BIDDER agrees to pay for a LOT

Payment date:

The date when a successful Bidder pay the Total Awarded


Collection date:

The date when the bidder collects all his awarded LOT(S).


MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C, being the seller of the LOT(S)

Total Bid:

The Arithmetic total of all the bid(s) submitted by a Bidder.

Total Awarded

The Arithmetic total of all Awarded bid(s).


Online Bidding Website

The medium via which the SELLER wishes to display and market their goods and the medium by which the company will receive their bids from BIDDERS

[MS1] [MS2]

Bidding Process:

4.1 General

Throughout this terms & conditions document, wherever it makes sense,

• the terms bid, Bid, you, You, and their derivatives (bidder/BIDDER, you/YOU … etc.) are synonymous;

• singular words can be read as plurals, and plurals as singular words

• a ‘bidder’ may include a corporate body

• Words of one gender include the other genders.


BIDDER shall be fully responsible for examining, with appropriate care, the complete Terms & Conditions as well as all asset details represented on the Online Bidding Website and shall be responsible for informing himself with respect to all conditions which might in any way affect his Bid. Failure to do so shall be at the sole risk of the BIDDER and no relief can be given for error or omission by the BIDDER.

Should the BIDDER find discrepancies or omissions from the Terms & Conditions or Online Auction listing , or should their intent or meaning appear unclear, incomplete or ambiguous, or should any other question arise relative to the Terms & Conditions the BIDDER shall notify the SELLER of such findings. Replies to such notifications – if deemed necessary, shall be made in the form of addenda to the Terms & Conditions , if such case occurs.


All LOT(S) are sold on the basis of "As Is, Where Is, And with All Faults & Defects"; so in addition to the examination of the Terms & Conditions and Online Listing Report, BIDDER shall make whatever necessary arrangements to become fully informed regarding the existing and expected condition of the LOT(S) and whatever matters which might in any way affect his bid. The picture of the vehicles annexed herewith is only for illustration purpose and shall not reflect the actual conditions of the vehicle.

Bidder is advised to visit the Site(s) and examine the LOT(S) and its condition and obtain for himself on his own responsibility all information that may be necessary for preparing a bid and entering into a purchasing commitment. Failure to do so shall not relieve the BIDDER(S) from his responsibilities of acting like a prudent buyer.

Site visit schedule is clearly stated in the BID/Auction advertisement(s) appearing in the local newspaper which is considered an integral part of this BID Document. No site visits are allowed following the Bid Submission Date.

The bidder and any of his personnel or agents will be granted permission to visit the Site(s) and examine the LOT(S) upon presenting their original Bid Document, but only upon the express condition that the bidder, his personnel, and agents, will release and indemnify the SELLER and its personnel from and against all liability in respect to any death or personal injury, loss of or damage to any LOT, and any other loss, damage, costs, and expenses that might be incurred by the SELLER as a result of such examination.

The bidder or his agents shall not carry out any repair works in the yard or around the company premises or cause any damage to any company property. In the event of any loss sustained the bidder hereby agrees to indemnify MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C for all losses sustained.


BIDS will be placed by the BIDDER in incremental amounts via the Online Bidding Website and no alternative form of bid will be accepted or considered valid for any reason whatsoever.

Where the auction is subject to a Reserve Price, the Seller reserves the right to reject any bid below the minimum Reserve Price.

By placing a bid the BIDDER warrants that they have the ability and the intention to proceed with the purchase of the Goods. All bids placed by the BIDDER constitute an irrevocable offer by the BIDDER to the SELLER and may not be withdrawn by the BIDDER, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the SELLER or the BIDDER.

In the event of equal and/or similar competing bids being received during an auction the Company may, in their sole and absolute discretion, elect to accept one competitive bid over the other, elect to reject both the bids or withdraw the Goods for auction on the Website.

Each and every auction opens when the Goods are uploaded onto the Website and will close daily. The Company endeavours to use its best efforts to notify a bidding subscriber, per short message service or electronic mail, if any higher bids are placed on the Website immediately before the close time.

Save for the situation provided for in clause below, notice of acceptance of a successful bid will be forwarded, by electronic mail, to the Buyer notifying him of his successful purchase of the Goods. The receipt of such notice by the Buyer shall bind him to purchase the Goods from the Seller at the amount bid by the Buyer on the Website.

Receipt of the electronic mail notice referred to in clause 4.4 above sent as a result of, among other things, a Website error or a defect in the Website or server will not be binding on the Company and/or the Seller and the Company reserves the right to retract the notice in such circumstances. The BIDDER shall have no recourse against the Seller in such circumstances whatsoever.

In the event that a sales transaction is cancelled or reversed due to, but not limited to, the vehicle not being as describe on the auction, either party to the transaction, Buyer or Seller, shall attempt to resolve the matter between themselves.


The BIDDER shall make his own interpretation of all information included in the Terms & Conditions. Neither SELLER nor its designated representative shall be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of such information provided or its interpretation. Any failure or neglect to carry out these verifications and investigations shall not absolve the BIDDER from any of his obligations under the requirements of this Bid Conditions.


The currency of the Bid shall be in United Arab Emirates Dirham’s.


The BID shall remain valid for sixty (60) days from the date that the bid was submitted via website


The BIDDER shall provide AED 3 000 as a security deposit payment to the SELLER by means of: (a) Bank Certified Cheque (Manager Cheque) or (b) Unconditional Bank Letter of Guarantee (Bid Bond) which shall be drawn in favour of MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C and made payable in Abu Dhabi

Only upon receipt of the full deposit payment, will the BIDDERS access to the website be granted

The security deposit amount will be held by the SELLER per auction for which the bidder may choose to participate in.

The security deposit will be refunded to the BIDDER by the SELLER after each auction except in the event of below:

Termination of a successful bid for any reason whatsoever

Non payment of SUCCESSFUL BIDS within the prescribed period

Complete the execution of the entire bid process including collection of the asset

In the event where the SUCESSFUL BIDDER chooses not to honour a purchase, the SELLER will retain the entire deposit amount at the SELLERS sole discretion.

The SELLER may, at its discretion, revoke the BIDDERS access to buy on auction. Should the BIDDER, wish to gain access to participate in the SELLERS auctions again, the SELLER can, at its discretion allow participation once the payment of another deposit payment is received.

SELLER shall as promptly as possible return to BIDDER(S) their Security Deposit within seven (7) calendar days.


Participating in this bid process by Accepting these Terms & Conditions when logging onto the website or placing bids and expressing interest in a site visit to evaluate the LOT(S), the BIDDER:

• Will release and indemnify the SELLER and its personnel from and against all liability in respect to any death or personal injury, loss of or damage to any LOT, and any other loss, damage, costs, and expenses incurred as a result of the evaluation process.

• Understand that the SELLER is not bound to accept any BID which might be received.

By submitting a bid, the BIDDER:

• understand that, according to the Terms & Conditions, bids must be supported and accompanied by a proper Security Deposit and other valid supporting documents as mentioned in this document

• accept that he may be disqualified from bidding, if he is in breach of any obligation under this Bid Conditions, because he / she:

i. withdrawn his Bid during the period of bid validity; or

ii. Having been notified of the acceptance of his Bid by the SELLER during the period of bid validity, fail or refuse to complete the execution of the bid process and settling the full payment of the Total Awarded Bid

• Carefully examined the online auction report and the LOT(S) and offer to purchase a/some LOT(S) in strict conformity with this Terms & Conditions within each LOT bid price as stated on the online auction report displayed on the website.

• Undertake, if his BID shall be accepted in part or as a whole, to complete the purchase process within the time frames stipulated on the website listing; and to pay the full amount of the Awarded LOT(S) within the period stipulated as 48 hours abide by the submitted BID for whole bid validity period as stipulated in Clause 2.2.7 “VALIDITY OF BID” from the Bid Submission date; and agree that Unless and until a formal Letter of Award is executed, that the submission of his bid, constitutes a binding contract between both parties.


All LOT(S) are sold subject to all faults, imperfections and errors of description. The BIDDER should satisfy himself prior to sale as to the condition of each lot and rely on his judgment as to whether the lot accords with its description or information provided in the Terms & Conditions Document and its online auction report.


Each and every LOT will be clearly marked with its identification Lot number, information and copy of its latest Traffic Department Registration License Copy. SELLER will permit examination of the LOT whenever possible on site and without activation or movement of the LOT.


MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C reserves the right to:

(a) accept or reject any bid, without thereby incurring any liability to Bidders;

(b) Withdraw any or all LOT(S) at the time of award.

(c) Auction bid once submitted on or before closing date becomes the property of MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C.


Bid(s) must be submitted via the website not later than the auction closing date and time clearly stated in the BID/Auction advertisement(s) appearing in a local newspaper which is considered an integral part of this Auction. Late bids will not be accepted via the website.


SELLER shall award each LOT to the Bidder whose Bid offer has been determined to be the highest bid placed on the website .


SUCCESSFUL BIDDERS will receive an award letter at the close of auction by means of an electronic mail and SMS (text message) which have been declared as valid, current, operative and accessible. Such electronic mail award letters will contain at minimum the vehicle details, SELLERS details and the SUCCESSFUL BID amount inclusive of VAT.

Caution : bidders’ failure to state an operative, valid, current, and accessible contact numbers to reach them on their bid documents can result in successful bidders being subject to Clause 2.3.4 “Payment”, i.e. possible forfeiting of the bidder bid security deposit. It is therefore encouraged that bidders maintain their bidder profiles by updating these details from time to time on the website.

It is the BIDDER sole responsibility to enquire about the bid/auction status and results, within seven (7) working days from the Auction closing date if he has not received the award letter.

Upon the announcement of the bid results, unsuccessful Bidders’ Bid Security Deposits will be released to unsuccessful Bidders upon presenting proper & valid identification documents by the bidder himself or his authorized/legal representative.


Successful Bidder must pay the Total Awarded Bid which includes VAT (i.e. Full amount of the Awarded LOT(S) within seven (7) Business days from the bid announcement date. The said payment shall be deposited in the account of MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C as provided with the letter of Award.

 Payment for awarded lots through personal/corporate cheque will be cleared after 48 hours from when it was deposited.

Not Paying on time:

In the event of non-payment of the total awarded value within seven (7) business days of collection the Award Letter, the total amount of security deposited will be forfeited.


Successful Bidder shall at his full expense collect the purchased LOT(S) and clear the

SELLER’s site not later than ten (10) Calendar days from the date of realization of payment of the Total Awarded Bid.

Collecting of a LOT(S) can only be against presentation of the Original Award Letter, or the Original Traffic Department Ownership Transfer documents from the SELLER and the valid identification of the collector and his relation to the successful bidder.

Failure to clear the site as detailed above shall result in parking fee(s) application reference to Clause 2.3.6 “Parking Fee”.

After clearing the site, it’s strictly prohibited to park the award (LOT) vehicle outside around MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C premises , failure to do so will attract a penalty of 5% from the security deposit which shall be forfeited .

The Bidder and his representatives should adhere to MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C Health & Safety Policy and all other safety related requirements, during removal of any LOT.

As such, all lifting EQUIPMENT’S should be inspected and have valid CERTIFICATES prior to start of any activities on site.

LOT(S) removal from site should be carried out during MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C working hours {Sun.-Thu., 7:30 – 16:30}, otherwise removal timing should be directly arranged with MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C official site representative.

Bidder shall take care and secure all necessary measures, during the Bidding Process and Collecting of the LOT(S), to avoid any damage to any MASSAR SOLUTIONS P.J.S.C property and for such damage(s) if any, the Bidder shall be liable to pay the SELLER the cost of repairs of replacement for the damages or losses caused.

10 Transfer of Ownership

• Transfer of ownership by successful bidder of his own from Government authority/Traffic authority. No additional cost.

• Sale letters will provide after 15 to 20 working days from the

• date of complete payment amount.

• All costs of changing the vehicle(s) HIAZA are borne by the buyer


In the event of a successful bidder defaulted to collect the purchased LOT(S) and clearing the site within the specified time period as stipulated in Clause 2.3.5 “Collection of Lot(s)”, the Bidder will be charged a parking fee at a rate of Dhs. 100 per LOT per Calendar day for each calendar day beyond the expiry date of the specified period to collect and clear the site of the LOT(S) and till the date were the LOT(S) are physically collected and the site is cleared as dated and stamped by the SELLER’s Site

Representative on the Original Gate Pass or Check List Document.


The SELLER will release the Bid Security to awarded bidders only after:

Completion of awarded lot(s) collection by the respective bidder; and

Verification & Settling of any parking fees if any.